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Grade :  YG8/ YG10/YL10.2/XF30/K30F…

Chemical composition: 10% Cobalt,12% Cobalt and other as  you need.

Physical properties: Density: 14.45g/cm3, TRS> 3800 MPA, Hardness> 92.00HRA

Dimension: Diameter from 0.3mm to Dia 52.00mm

Length: from 2.0mm to 1000 mm

Extrude solid carbide rods or pressing rods for large diameter.

Surface treatment  Polished to h6 Tolerance or Blanks( ungrounded), both OK.

Grain size : 0.2u 0.4u 0.6u 0.8u according to the grade and composite


Equal to ISO Category Number Chemical
            Physical Mechanical Properties Application
WC Co Density Bend Strength Hardness
% % g/Cm3 N/mm2 HRA
YG3 K01 96.5-97 3 14.9-15.3 ≥1180 ≥91.0 It is suitable for the finishing of cast iron, non-ferrous metals, alloys and non-metallic materials, and semi-finishing vehicles
for intermittent cutting.
YG6X K10 93.5 6 14.8-15.1 ≥1420 ≥92 Finishing of chilled hard alloy cast iron and heat resistant alloy steel and ordinary cast iron
YG6 K20 94 6 14.7-15.1 ≥1600 ≥91 Cast iron, non-ferrous metals and alloys, non-metallic materials, medium to cutting, semi-finishing and finishing.
YG8 K20-K30 92 8 14.5-14.9 ≥1600 ≥90 Suitable for casting of cast iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys and non-metallic materials.
YG10 K40 90 10 14.3-14.7 ≥1900 ≥89 It is used for large batch production and has excellent strength and toughness.
YG10X K40 89 10 14.3-14.7 ≥2200 ≥89.5 Suitable for small diameter micro drills, end mills, rotary boring tools, etc.
YG15 K30 85 15 13.9-14.2 ≥2100 ≥87 Forging, perforating and stamping tools for steel bars and steel tubes with high compression ratios and working under large
YG20 K30 80 20 13.4-13.7 ≥2500 ≥85.5 Stamping die, stamping watch parts, musical instrument spring piece;
YG20C K40 80 20 13.4-13.7 ≥2200 ≥82 Production of standard parts, bearings, tools and other industries for cold heading, cold punching, cold pressing die, warhead to
the shell of the stamping die


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